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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Introduction Definion and Types of Printer

Introduction Definition and Types of Printer

Understanding printer, printer is a hardware device that is connected to a computer which serves to mold menghasilan either writing or pictures from your computer to paper or similar media. There are three kinds of printer types, the type of metrix Dot Printer, Ink jet printers and laser jet printers.

Here's a fuller explanation of the three types of printers.

• Type of Dot Matrix Printer

Dot printer type metrics is a method of printing using a printer ribbon. Prints are produced to look like the points each mengubungkan one another, so that the print is less refined and less good. historically this type of printer dot metrix initially using 9 Pin, which means in the same letter will be printed with a combination of 9 points, then growing to 24 pin, and of course so the print will be much smoother. type dot metrix printer manufacturers are quite famous is Epson, the Epson LX products - 300, espson LX 800 and others.

• Type Ink Jet

Ink jet printer type is the type of printer uses liquid ink printing method. dihasilan print results by the type of ink jet printer is better and smoother than the dot metrix printer type, type of ink jet printer can also print color menghasilan.
At Ink jet printers use a type of technology dor on demand, ie by spraying tiny dots of ink dots on paper through a nozzle or a very small hole in the pipe. Other technologies developed by manufacturers such as Canon and HP printers using heat. The heat can make bubbles of ink so if the heat will further push the ink into the nozzle are determined and printed on paper. because it uses liquid ink prints to wait a few seconds to get dry. type of ink jet printer is charging the ink placement and can be modified with the infusion technique, ie by adding a special ink tubes on the outside of the printer and connected with a small hose connected to a printer in the printer.

• Type Laser Jet

Type Laset jet printer is a type of printer ink printing method or a powder called toner by using infrared devices. besides prints better than the dot metrix printer types or ink jet, laser jet printers also have a high-speed printing and prints also dry faster as the result Ceta the photocopier.

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